Season Wrap-up

We have only a couple of crews that have not completed the final round of cleanups. Due to the weather forecast for this week, we worked this past Saturday and Sunday to make sure we finished before this Friday. There are some crews that went out today, even though there was some light rain.

Office Closed for Thanksgiving

The office will be closed November 27 & 28 for the Thanksgiving holiday. Our crews will be out on Friday November 28 continuing the fall property clean-ups.

Leaves, Leaves and more Leaves

The leaves are falling, falling and falling early this year. The good news with them falling early is that most should be done before Thanksgiving. The rain Thursday helped even more drop. This is always a challenging time of year for us. We service your property and withing a few days so many more leaves fall that you can't even tell we had been there. We are finishing up our first round this week even with the rain out on Thursday. We will start the second round of visits on Monday.

Fall Fertilizer

Our crews started last week putting down fertilizer for all our Plan 1, Plan 2 and Plan 3 customers. They first cleaned up the property of leaves and then applied the fertilizer. When they were finished a slip was left at your door. The fertlizer we put down is granular.

Fall Property Cleanup

Our crews have now switched to our fall property cleanup service, which is a fancy way of saying leaf removal season. We have been picking up leaves in full force already since the trees started to drop the leaves due to a lack of rain this fall. As this service takes longer, we no longer will be at your property as frequently as we are during the mowing season. We are hopeful for a smooth season, but it all depends on how the leaves fall. With Thanksgiving being so late in the month we are hopeful that a good number of leaves will be down early so we can visit everyone before the holiday.

Surprise Rain

We are having some crazy weather. The surprise rain Monday into Tuesday has pushed back our crews. The very windy conditions has not helped either. Our crews did not mow on Tuesday due to rain and wind. The wind is also bringing down the leaves. Our area was lucky in that we didn't have much damage from the windy conditions with downed trees and limbs. It looks like the weather will improve for next week.

Crews Slow due to Weather

The windy weather we experienced on Tuesday and Wednesday slowed the progress of our crews. Due to the dry weather pattern our area is experiencing this fall, the trees are really starting to drop their leaves. On windy days this makes it very hard to leave the properties we service looking like a well manicured property. The properties we did service on those days, by the time you returned home, it was hard too tell we were ever there as many leaves were blown down by the wind.

Office Closed for Columbus Day

The office will be closed Monday October 13. The mowing crews will not being going out, but we will have crews out doing the fall services which includes aeration and overseeding. If you have been overseeded, make sure you continue to water. Once you see the grass growing, you can reduce the watering to once a day for 20 minutes. Continue this pattern of watering for a week. After that you can reduce the watering to twice a week for 30 minutes.

September 2008 Team of the Month

Our hardscape crew had a very good month. They had some complicated jobs and rose to the challenge. The customers were very pleased with the results of their efforts. Here is the crew standing over the one of the jobs they completed. It is a pond with a waterfall.
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