Residential Lawn Service

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At Town & Country Landscaping we realize that maintenance often needs to be tailored to individual lawns’ precise requirements. We can offer you a program that will make your lawn care worry- free. Contracts are always customized to meet your individual needs. Here at Town & Country we think of you as family.

Services we offer:

  • Mowing, trimming around obstacles and edging performed April 1st through October 31st
  • Fall Property Cleanup all leaves and debris in November through December
  • Plant Trimming of all ornamental plants and shrubbery
  • Plant & Ornamental Tree Care Program to keep your ornamental plants and shrubs healthy.
  • Three Lawn Fertilizer & Weed Control programs to keep your lawn looking good.

Optional services we offer:

  • Core Aeration to allow water, oxygen and nutrients to enter the root zone. The core aerator is a powerful machine that punctures the turf with hollow core tines, which remove thousands of cores down to a depth of two to three inches and are then deposited on the surface of the lawn. The holes made by the core aerator will immediately allow nutrients, oxygen, and water to easily reenter the root zone and thatch layer. The holes will also leave a vacated space that will fill in with limestone and seed.
  • Lime to adjust the soil pH
  • Overseeding with a renovator to maintain a healthy lawn. For lawns that have been damaged over the summer, we recommend the combination of core aeration, limestone application, and renovating. The renovation machine dethatches, breaks up aeration cores, and overseeds at the same time. The blades of the renovator slice the turf so that air, moisture, limestone, and seed can penetrate the ground easily. Once renovation is completed, bare spots are covered with dried peat moss to help seed germination, encouraging a healthier, fuller, more beautiful lawn.
  • Mulch the property. Bed preparation will begin with well-defined edges and cleaning beds of all debris and weeds. Including pre-emergent herbicide with your ornamental bed preparation will greatly reduce the time spent during the summer weeding beds. Applying a fertilizer to ornamental shrubs and trees during bed preparation will help promote deeper rooting which increases drought tolerance.